27/4/18 – ACT’s busiest eWasp season since 2015

Canberra has experience it’s busiest eWasp season since 2015. A record 840 confirmed eWasp nests have been reported to the eWasp Hotline to date. All the nests have been destroyed. CoreEnviro Solutions with the ACT Government also conducted several baiting programs around the ACT, in areas where eWasps numbers were very high, in particular, around cafés/restaurants. All the baiting programs were successful in reducing eWasp numbers considerably.

Top 5 suburbs in the ACT to date are:

  • Kambah  – 23 eWasp nests
  • Macgregor – 22 eWasp nests
  • Yarralumla – 22 eWasp nests
  • Curtin – 21 eWasp nests
  • Russell – 21 eWasp nets

23/2/18 – Big season, big nests

The eWasp Hotline has been inundated with reports of eWasp nests. In the ACT, January reported 274 eWasp nests and February to date has reported 202 eWasp Nests.

CoreEnviro solutions has located and excavated a super nest on the 24/2/18. We are currently mid Eruopean wasp season, if this nest went untreated, by the end of the season, it may have contained between 13,000 – 15,000 wasps, see more information under the “Links” tab.

30/12/17 – European wasp nests growing

There were 28 confirmed European wasp nests reported to the hotline for the month of December in the ACT, they consisted of 17  wall cavity nests followed by 6 ground nests, 4 retaining wall nests and 1 roof void nest, quite a large number for this time of the year. We have also seen a couple of large nests with approximately 1,500 wasps. Nests are doubling in size every two weeks.

If you require advice or to report a nest, please contact the European Wasp Hotline.

31/7/17 – Mild Autumn sees workers and queens still active

With a mild and dry autumn, European wasps remained active longer than expected. The hotline received reports of European wasp nests up until mid June 2017. We also received a number of calls regarding foraging workers and queens up until July 2017.  For more information and data on the 2016-17 wasp season, see the European Wasp Awareness & Entomological Advice Services Annual Report 2017.


For eWasp reporting, please download the eWasp Mobile App, send us an email through the “Report a Wasp Nest” tab above or call the European Wasp Hotline.

For other Wasps & Insect enquiries, email or call the hotline on 02 6258 5551. The hotline is a free advice service.