eWasps around camping & picnic sites

European Wasp Stings & First Aid

Get to know the European wasp around camping & picnic sites!

European wasps (eWasp™) are attracted to meat, fruit, sugary foods, and drinks. eWasp nests will mainly be found in a hole in the ground around riverbanks or creek lines. eWasps look for protein in the form of meat and look for sugars (carbohydrates) in soft drinks.

Do not deliberately disturb or play around a European wasp nest!

When an eWasp nest is disturbed, they emit an “alarm pheromone” summoning the colony to defend the nest”.

Precautions against the European Wasp

  • Cover all food during mealtimes, BBQs, or picnics.
  • Clean all dishes and barbecue plates after eating and immediately put tied rubbish bags in secured bins or vehicles.
  • Place all left over food in sealed containers.
  • Do not leave fruit lying around, make sure they are in sealed bags or containers.
  • Rubbish and left-over food will attract wildlife and eWasps.
  • Do not hang rubbish bags from trees or tent poles.
  • Keep fish and bait in sealed containers or in your vehicle.
  • Make sure your tent is closed/zipped up to ensure no eWasps fly in looking for food. Do not leave soft drinks, beer, or wine open and unattended. Ensure all lids are on bottles and use a straw to drink from soft drink cans.

First Aid

  • Use a cold pack to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Use pain-relieving medication and creams.
  • If there is evidence of a more severe reaction or the sting victim is known to be allergic to wasp and bee venom, seek immediate medical attention.
  • Warn other visitor’s/campers of the eWasps in the area.
  • Be eWasp aware no matter where you camp.

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eWasp around camping and picnic sites

Report all European wasp nests to the eWasp™ Team for data collection and research programs.
eWasp: 0409 970033
eWasp Mobile App available in both the App & Google Play Stores or email info@ewasp.com.au