‘Super nests’ of European wasps feared in Canberra this season

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'Super nests' of European wasps feared in Canberra this season January 16, 2018 Lachlan Roberts Authorities are warning that "super nests" of up to 10,000 European wasps each could emerge in Canberra this season, with a big jump in the number of nests reported to date. During December and the first few weeks in January, 120 nests have been reported, a substantial increase from last year's 15 European wasp nests reported for the same period last year, pest and weed officer at CoreEnviro Solutions Jim Bariesheff said. ACT pest control specialist Jim Bariesheff with wasp nests he has removed. Photo: Dion Georgopoulos [...]

Be alert and alarmed: the European wasp hotspots in Canberra

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Be alert and alarmed: the European wasp hotspots in Canberra November 11, 2017 Ian Bushnell As the weather warms up, so are the European wasp (eWasp) hotspots, with the aggressive stinging insects stirring from their winter slumber to establish new nests. Transport Canberra and City Services’ wasp specialists, CoreEnviro Solutions, says some eWasps were even reported as being on the move in June and July, indicating many nests went untreated. CoreEnviro Solutions Senior Pest and Weed Officer Jim Bariesheff said if residents come across individual queens seeking new nesting sites they should treat them with a registered insecticide. “An eWasp nest can produce up to [...]

Autumn ‘dangerous season’ for European Wasp attacks, expert says

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Autumn 'dangerous season' for European Wasp attacks, expert says March 8, 2017 Adrienne Francis PHOTO: The ACT Government's wasp hotline has been running hot. (ABC Rural: Clint Jasper) Last year’s wet winter weather conditions prompted significant number of European wasps to seek shelter inside Canberra houses and apartments – and the full impact is only just being felt, according to an ACT expert. Since August the ACT Government’s eWasp Hotline has recorded 66 nests in the ACT, with 40 located within wall cavities and the reminder in the environment. And hotline operator and environmental consultant Jim Bariesheff said many nests go [...]

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